Generating next level ideas with a coordinated team promotes the quickest and best quality results.

The biggest issues plaguing your business – low profits, persistent safety violations, and unsatisfactory returns – are only made worse by applying more pressure without addressing the root causes. Using new strategic thinking in a coordinated team will help promote an workplace attitude that is excited to adapt, advance, and grow, leading to quicker and better outcomes.

Douglas S. Diggle:

As a business leader, I’m always asked ‘what is the key to success?’ But it goes without saying that there is no formula or key it takes a lot of hard work, and the perseverance to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities to learn and grow. And once you do, you’ll often find that the “goal-posts” have moved, and you’ll be seeking a different and new kind of success.

I am passionate about always doing the right thing for people, clients and communities. Because of my proven senior leadership ability and expert background in the cruise line, maritime, aviation, travel and finance industries, I can immediately contribute to senior leadership at an efficient and elite level.

“Very few successful businesses are built on a highly complex product. Most successful businesses have typically common products that are just executed and done very well.” – Douglas S. Diggle

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Henry Murphy:

Henry is a Principal and acting COO at Across Oceans Group. His work with AOG covers a diverse portfolio of partners, industry segments and business interests.
Henry is driven by a natural curiosity for challenging and expanding what is possible. He is skilled at developing high-integrity, self-aware leaders that inspire as well as execute strategically. As a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, he offers his intuition, imagination and keen sensibilities combined with 20+ years of technology, finance, and business experience to work with current and emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Henry is a “wisdom partner” and has the ability to develop alignment in teams that produces results while building trust, transparency, and collaborative competence.

A cornerstone of Henry’s expertise lies in his ability to create forums for meaningful communication that generate shifts in personal leadership and organizational alignment. Driving organizations through experiential learning and a whole systems approach to inspire leaders to innovative thinking that produce higher levels of individual and organizational agility and resilience.

Henry’s work includes an impressive list of awards and accolades from his peers and professional organizations. He holds a BS in Business Management and an MBA in International Business from WGU.

“The prime purpose in life is to help others. If you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” – Dalai Lama

Michael T. Moore:

Michael T. Moore has practiced maritime and aviation law for over 30 years. His well known maritime law firm has partnered with Across Oceans Group to further protect its clients’ rights and asset in doing business in the Americas by formulating industry-specific local contracts, support and warranty service agreements with Cruise Lines and Yachts serviced through the Across Oceans Group.

He is the Chairman of the International SeaKeepers Society. He is a past chairman of The Florida Bar Admiralty Law Committee and is on the board of advisers of the Maritime Personal Injury Reporter. He is a former president of the Marine Council of Florida and was inducted as one of the few lawyer members of the National Marine Banker’s Association.

“No Law or ordinance is mightier than understanding” – Plato

Steve Shaiken:

Steven led the on board revenue management department at Royal Caribbean with annual sales in excess of $750 million across 22 vessels. As part of the Across Oceans Group team he is a proven leader of global cruise lines’ new revenue and new product generating organization including retail, casino, spa services, photographic services and fine art sales. Recently, he has completed assignments with Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld Parks and Cabo San Lucas and Sandals / Beaches to further enhance the revenue stream and brand awareness.

He led centralized leasing and retail for Starwood at 150+ locations encompassing $100 million. He also increased Hilton Hotels leased spaces productivity by 75% and drove sales of $150 million. Steven sits on the board of trustees for Give Kids the world Kissimmee, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orlando, Shepherds Hope of Florida and Canine companions for Independence.

“Value is about the quality of what you do, the integrity of the brand and consistently delivering the brand promise” – Arnold H. Glasgow

D. Jack Giado:

D. Jack Gaido is a Technology, Sales and Business Development Executive with extensive knowledge relating to Enterprise Database Technology, Wireless Network Implementation, Mobile Technology and Apple Technology within Enterprise and Hospitality environments.

Jack has notable experience in Database Solutions, Mobility Solutions, Consumerization of IT, BYOC in Hospitality, BYOD in Enterprise, International Business Development and Technology Partnerships.
His experience represents twenty-six years of sales and business development practical application in Enterprise, Computer Hardware and Software, Hospitality Guest Technology and Commercial Sales. Jack has had executive sales experience in domestic US companies such as Blueport Wireless, Apple and SAP and international experience with Jigsaw out of London, United Kingdom and Vita Group out of Brisbane, Australia.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity” – Albert Einstein

Kevin Yombor, Esq. :

Kevin has developed significant experience in both litigation defense and contracts. As a litigation defense attorney, Kevin has been involved in defending mass-tort claims alleging total damages in excess of $10M. Kevin has experience in both first and third party defense.

Additionally, Kevin has represented several plaintiffs in their first-party property actions. Kevin earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Miami Law School, where he graduated Cum Laude, and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Michigan State University where he minored in the Chinese language. He studied at the Foreign Affairs University in Beijing.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit” – Harry S. Truman