Press Release Date: September 07, 2022

First Dedicated Cruise Ship Brokerage Firm: The Buying, Selling & Transition Strategy for Passenger Vessels in the Global Secondary Market From Across Oceans Group, Inc.

Florida-based cruise ship brokerage firm to specialize in being the one-stop shop for all cruise ship buyers and sellers internationally. Read More
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MIAMI, September 7, 2022 ( – An average-sized new-build cruise liner costs USD $800 million to USD $1.5 billion, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. An older cruise ship might be as little as USD $5 million to $20 million. Of course, like any used vessel, it will need investment to get it into shape to carry passengers and to bring it up to today’s safety standards, and end-to-end technology with the latest amenities focusing on the seamless tourist experience. 

Cruise ship transitions to new owners happen often, and the industry has over 500+ luxury cruise ships and another 72 in the order book today, costing USD $46 billion. Across Oceans Group (AOG) is the first dedicated cruise ship brokerage firm to specialize in being the one-stop shop for cruise ship buyers and sellers internationally. The management consulting division of Across Oceans Group, founded in 2007, has specialized in game-changing air-sea innovations, products, solutions, and vendor sales, working with over 60 companies in 35 countries.

AOG experts work with the 100+ cruise ship companies, CEOs, and investment firms, guiding them on brokerage, valuations, best practices, charters, residential models, asset strategy, emergency government housing, motion picture assistance, and transitions. Since cruise ships often change hands multiple times, repurposing a cruise vessel for its new role is usually very common. 

Cruise ships are unique since they are not listed for sale like yachts or commercial vessels because they are currently in service, and online listings will affect future bookings. The owners AOG has worked with request all transactions be confidential. Currently, AOG has a ship owner who is open to selling two newer polar class X-BOW expedition vessels and two river vessels. The company has another client who wants to buy a cruise ship to live on board and do scientific research. Recently, AOG engaged with a client evaluating purchasing a ship and making it a floating headquarters for his company. 

The government continues to be interested in buying older cruise ships for emergency housing for mass casualty events. Another client wants to buy a cruise ship and have it backed with cryptocurrency, and several Vegas hotels are interested in floating casinos to add to the total guest experience. After the sinking of the Costa Concordia, AOG was contracted to assist government authorities in securing a cruise vessel for mass rescue operations in 2012 in the Bahamas and Hawaii in 2015. Across Oceans Group CEO Douglas Diggle worked in Dubai as a management consultant for the owners of the QE2, guiding them through the process of re-purposing the cruise vessel as a floating hotel on Palm Island.

Cruise owners are reluctant to sell ships if the new owner’s transition plan includes forming cruise ship competition. Across Oceans Group is the one-stop shop for ship owners, venture capitalists, board directors, and CEOs to help them navigate disruption, recovery, ship innovation, revenue growth, legal procedures, environmental compliance, health safety, and mergers and acquisitions. 

Contact AOG at for a no-cost discussion about the cruise ship industry’s recovery, the state of the industry, flag states, crew capacity, exhaust gas cleaning, shore power and the vendors. Across Oceans Group will discuss the new cruise ship order book, revenue trends, vessel requirements, and IMO maritime regulations. “I leverage my deep industry experience, executive connections, and sector expertise to guide CEOs, buyers, sellers, vendors and help them accomplish their cruise ship objectives,” said Diggle.