Our breadth of experience across multiple market segments gives us a unique perspective with which to serve our customers with tailored solutions. Your business is our passion and we would love to discuss, with you, the possibilities for growing your business. We help our clients decide where they want to go and how to get there. Together, we find value across boundaries, develop insights to act on, and energize teams to sustain success.

Cruise Shipping Association will focus on creating a positive social impact on the lives of crew members and shoreside employees. CSA is the first employee membership and supplier sales and support networking organization for the cruise line and shipping industry. CSA will offer invaluable opportunities, as well as a platform for employees to network with other employees, suppliers, potential employers, and even shipyard vendors. Our corporate membership will cut years from the sales cycle by helping establish close relationships with key decision makers at the right time. Whether your business is land, sea, or air-based, AOG and CSA have the expertise and know-how to meet your needs.

Creating value, sales and revenue for our worldwide partners and delivering a total guest experience is very important to us; it is in our core DNA. Whether your business is Air, Ocean, or Ground, AOG has the expertise and know-how to meet your needs. Join me next month in the Philippines as I speak at the Cruise Line Shipping CrewConnect Global Conference.

Very few successful businesses are built on a highly complex product. Most successful businesses have typically common products that are just executed and done very well.” We are proud to announce that one of our clients won the “2012 Cruise Supplier of the Year Award.” Our collective efforts drive progressive ideas, global sales and cost saving solutions by adding the most value to our partners worldwide.

Douglas Diggle Biography

As a business leader, I’m always asked ‘what is the key to success?’ But it goes without saying that there is no formula or key it takes a lot of hard work, and the perseverance to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities to learn and grow. And once you do, you’ll often find that the “goal-posts” have moved, and you’ll be seeking a different and new kind of success.

I am passionate about always doing the right thing for people, clients and communities. Because of my proven senior leadership ability and expert background in the cruise line, maritime, aviation, travel and finance industries, I can immediately contribute to senior leadership at an efficient and elite level.

My executive experience with passenger fleet operations, combined with a graduate business education, form a comprehensive foundation for serving as CEO of Across Oceans Group. I have supervised a wide range of special projects and designed international supply chains and services for many classes of seagoing passenger vessels.

While completing my International MBA, I worked in the finance industry, including serving as Head of Software and Technology Growth for the Miami office of the United States Federal Reserve System. After graduating, I accepted a position at Celebrity Cruises, a key subsidiary of Royal Caribbean, LTD., where I was assigned the lead role on a special executive audit team.

While conducting wide-scale shipboard audits for a variety of vessels, I traveled the world mastering the internal workings of ships, with an emphasis on the fundamental logistics and purchasing decisions behind operating a passenger fleet. This included driving the RCI Brand Standard Sourcing in many foreign ports and situations. After completing the audits, I transferred within Royal Caribbean to a newly created role as Head of Corporate Product Brand Standards for Royal Caribbean, LTD.

This was the first such position in the entire cruise ship industry; it is now commonplace. For Brand Standards, I led the strategic development and supervised teams focused on managing international product delivery, plan vs. forecast, quality, actual vs. targets, and financials. I feel my experience in created new plans for product delivery for 22 vessels for Africa, Alaska, Asia, North American, and South American sailings would add significant value to your corporation.

In 2007 I moved to the multinational German corporation Lufthansa Systems, AG, to become the Head of Cruise Line, Hospitality & Travel, where I was responsible for bringing the cruise ship industry into Lufthansa’s larger global sales network. I implemented strategic plans for new businesses, and managed the statement of work, service level agreements, and standard operating support. For my efforts, in 2009, I received the “Best of Sales Award” from Lufthansa’s Executive Board.

I founded Across Oceans Group (AOG) Air, Ocean & Ground Solutions in 2007, a global management consultancy headquartered in South Florida, and trusted advisor to world’s leading businesses, governments, and institutions. The firm provides advice and works with leading organizations across private, public, and non-profit organizations.  To date, AOG has facilitated $40 million in contracts between foreign maritime vendors and US- based cruise lines. AOG has also provided expert consulting for a range of domestic government agencies among other projects, AOG has consulted with the Navy on Distributed Antenna System (DAS) services.

I attended and led Operation Black Swan a Maritime Mass Rescue Operation in 2012 and 2015, where my role has been to advise various government agencies on the inner workings and processes the cruise lines follow in an emergency. In 2016, I was asked to sit on the United States Coast Guard Committee; we had a dinner to raise money and honored Mrs. Duffy the first President of Carnival Corporation. Last week I was asked to sit on the committee again in 2017. We raised over half a million dollars in one dinner event.

I founded Cruise Shipping Association (CSA) in 2016, it provides membership and networking services to promote the interests of crew members and shoreside employees, as well as the 5,000+ worldwide vendors and suppliers to the cruise line, shipping, maritime, offshore, and airline travel industries. CSA’s vision is to unify the millions of crew members and corporate office shoreside employees together to network, educate, and promote advancement in each individuals career, all while discussing the common interests of the travel, shipping, marine, offshore, and international cruise line industry.  Cruise Shipping Association is the first global employee membership, supplier sales, support, and networking organization for the cruise line and the shipping industry.

“If you’re looking to accelerate the growth of your business in any sector or vertical with a high energy leader and catalyst with a forceful creative vision and a knack for increasing profits, new sales and opportunity generation, let’s have a conversation.” – Douglas Diggle

Having tested Mobile Assembly Suite for e-mustering drills and evacuation data at SeaTrade this past March and as a former emergency go-team member at Royal Caribbean I was impressed with the ease of use, rugged durability and intuitive software innovation. I am pleased with new solution’s such as this that exceed the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Chapter III, Regulations 8 and 19 that require new musters and emergency instructions for the maritime industry.  In my expert opinion MAS is ahead of what I have seen on board many Cruise Lines, River Lines, Super Yachts, and Offshore Vessels.




  • • $7,000/month
    Minimum 3 months

    • $6,000/month
    Minimum 6 months

    • $5,000/month
    Minimum 12 months




  • • $11,500/month
    Minimum 3 months

    • $9,500/month
    Minimum 6 months

    • $7,500/month
    Minimum 12 months




  • • $17,000/month
    Minimum 3 months

    • $13,500/month
    Minimum 6 months

    • $10,0000/month
    Minimum 12 months




  • • $13,500/month
    Minimum 6 months

    • $10,0000/month
    Minimum 12 months

    Retail / Merchandising

    10% as Exclusive Agent
    for Internatonal Waters