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Phase 1: Get in touch with us:
Phase 2: Answer Our Client Intake Questions:

We have a time tested science behind our pricing, we ask all our clients the below questions about your products, solutions, pricing, goals and jobs to be done. The below questionnaire will take you about 30 minutes to complete and your responses will help us to craft the perfect path forward to achieve the impossible.

Phase 2: Agreement Terms & Getting To Work:

Step 1 – Let’s Negotiate

The client and service provider will meet with Across Oceans Group to discuss the full scope of the service and the jobs to be done. The parties will negotiate the monthly retainer amount, relationship terms, sales revenue strategy, expectations, and termination. You don’t hire AOG to help you do better work. You hire AOG to help you create a new path forward to better work in a more sustainable, profitable, and scalable manner.

Step 2 – How we work

1.) Pay for Work
Payment used as advance payment for future services. Client agrees to $4,000 retainer a month. AOG Part-Time Example: $100 per hour for services at 40 hours (10 hours a week) and paid commission at 10% of product sales.

2.) Pay for Access
Recurring payment for an on-going sales and support relationship between the client and AOG consultant. AOG Flat Rate Example: A client pays an ongoing monthly retainer without expiration date for services and scope of work developed every month and a paid commission (at 10% of product sales).

Step 3 – Assignment Options

This section collects and explains several of our popular paid advisor services. Our programs help spark those new ideas and types of brainstorming that breakthrough “can’t do” attitudes, increase your company’s efficiency and productivity, and promote new ideas. We also craft different long-term engagements than the various packages listed below, so please inquire if you are struggling to find a perfect fit.

  • Sales Revenue F500 Growth Assignment
  • International Business Audit Assignment
  • Guest Product Development Assignment
  • Business Reset & Evaluation Assignment
  • Team Succession / Overview Assignment
  • Retail / Travel Duty-Free Cruise & Airports
  • Cruise Vessel Sale / Merger & Acquisitions
  • Private Equity / Venture Capital Early Stage

Step 4 – Sign Agreement

When the terms are agreed by all parties and the yearly retainer agreement and profit-sharing is written it’s time to sign the agreement. Under the law, only the service provider and the client are required to sign. Now let’s get to work.

Implementation Guidance

1.) Payment

Pre-paid by client on a monthly basis and non-refundable. Via wire, ACH, check, or credit card billed at (+3%) with Bank of America Corporate Accounts.

2.) Location

We do work remotely, but portions via a live-switched TV studio with a fiber-optic connection and a live white-board. We also use – Office & Co-working 2,200 global locations to be near our clients and our project assignments.

Step 5 – Implementation Development Planning

1.) In Our First Week

  • We onboard and integrate into your team; meet your colleagues.
  • Learn company history, culture, and vision, with a focus on the state of our industry, the Future of Work, and the core messages important to your company.
  • Shadow critical teams throughout the organization to learn your core operations and capabilities.

2.) In Our First Month

  • Begin developing the relationships with all key leaders and stakeholders across the organization.
  • Dive deeper into the operations of key teams (e.g., Global Sales, Talent Operations) across the company.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the current demand in your practice area, talent that exists already in the network, and any work we may already be doing/have done.

3.) In Our First (3) Three Months

  • Be in front of clients on a regular basis to hear from them firsthand.
  • Build your practice and begin positively impacting revenue growth.
  • Be a well-integrated member of the organization with positive relationships in Sales, Marketing, Client Support, Industry Clients, and Talent Operations.

4.) In Our First (6) Six Months

  • Have moved from purely planning now to full execution.
  • See an impact from your involvement in early initiatives.
  • Articulate a hypothesis about where you want to take the company (strategy) and design experiments / build execution approaches to get there.

5.) In Our (12) Twelve Months

  • Feel like Across Oceans Group was your best decision.
  • Increase the global sales, P&L revenue and growth rate.
  • Develop new industry products, new pricing options, and deliver new compelling company solutions.
across oceans group

We are a group of dedicated executives whom others can count on. When we accept a deadline, a challenge or task, we do our absolute best to respect our promises and follow the statement of work. We are always transparent and straightforward. Every day, we demonstrate how reliable we are and how trusting each other is key for our success.

We work with passion. We share this passion with our clients and partners. We have a spark in our eyes when we speak about our solutions, and how we help our clients. We feel part of the success of the brands we serve. Making an impact for our clients is the ultimate goal we all have in mind regardless of our title, duties or seniority. Our desire to see our clients succeed is of paramount importance.

We refuse to settle for the status quo. We promote innovation and both our structure and mindset are open to new ideas. We encourage our team to take risks, assessing trial and errors, to try a new approach and learn along the way. Boldness is what makes the DNA of Across Oceans Group, what made and what will make our growth and success.

The environment in which International brands operate has dramatically changed in recent times. Customers are more sophisticated, and more knowledgeable about brands. Knowledge raises the bar for expectations, which makes customers a lot more demanding. Customer values towards self-expression, assertiveness, and individuality has evolved. The emergence of new customers, like Millenials, has placed strong emphasis on experience. Across Oceans Group insights help brands get a better understanding of what customers need, want and expect from the purchasing experience, digital and social media. We help international and premium brands deliver the customer experience, maintain relevant and meaningful dialogue with their customers that ultimately increase conversion rate loyalty.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, Across Oceans Group is a proud partner of Cruise Shipping Association, the largest international charity dedicated to crew member welfare. CSA’s vision is to unify the millions of crew members and corporate office shoreside employees together to network, educate, and promote advancement in each individual’s career while discussing the common interests. One million dedicated employees make the cruise and shipping industry a $117 billion trade.

Consultant Travel Policy

1. Eligibility:
  • Business class travel is authorized for consultants under the following conditions:
    • Travel duration exceeds 5 hours of continuous flight time.

2. Booking Procedure:
  • Consultants must book business class flights through the company’s designated travel booking system or approved travel agency.
  • In case of booking outside the designated system, prior approval from the client is mandatory.
  • Bookings should be made (30 days) in advance to ensure availability and optimal pricing.

3. Approval Process:
  • Consultants are required to seek approval for business class travel from their immediate supervisor or client project manager before booking.
  • Approval should be obtained through an email request detailing the reason for travel and any supporting documentation (e.g., travel duration).

4. Expense Reimbursement:
  • Consultants must submit all travel expenses, including business class airfare, for reimbursement through the company’s expense reporting system.
  • Original receipts and a copy of the approved travel request must accompany reimbursement claims.
  • Reimbursement will be processed according to company policy and within a reasonable timeframe.
Client Mail, Packages & Paperwork:

(AOG) Across Oceans Group, Inc.
700 SE Becker Road # 100
Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34984 USA

Email Us & Join Our Social Media:

Answering Service: (561) 325-9522
We will respond to you within 48 hrs.

We Work From 2,200+ Locations:
We use Regus Meeting Offices to
be near our clients & assignments.


  • $7,000/month
    Minimum 3 months
  • $6,000/month
    Minimum 6 months
  • $5,000/month
    Minimum 12 months


  • $11,500/month
    Minimum 3 months
  • $9,500/month
    Minimum 6 months
  • $7,500/month
    Minimum 12 months


  • $17,000/month
    Minimum 3 months
  • $12,500/month
    Minimum 6 months
  • $10,000/month
    Minimum 12 months


  • $13,500/month
    Minimum 6 months
  • $10,000/month
    Minimum 12 months
  • Retail / Merchandising
  • 10% as Exclusive Agent for International Waters
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