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Coordinated groups accomplish more in less time with less effort.

Teams that are not in sync with each other hurt their overall performance. A well-coordinated team is more organized and prepared to tackle whatever may come up. With our tested programs and solutions, we will work with your staff to create a workplace culture that is excited to tackle new challenges so that you can achieve greater success.


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Coordinated groups accomplish more in less time with less effort.

Teams that are not in sync with each other hurt their overall performance. A well-coordinated team is more organized and prepared to tackle whatever may come up. With our tested programs and solutions, we will work with your staff to create a workplace culture that is excited to tackle new challenges so that you can achieve greater success.

Passenger Safety Technology (Safety of Life at Sea) E-Mustering Software

Across Oceans Group supports Mobile Assembly for e-mustering drills and evacuation data. As former members of the emergency go-team member at Royal Caribbean, we are impressed with the ease of use, rugged durability, and intuitive software innovation. We are pleased with new passenger safety solutions such as this that exceed the newly adopted Safety of Life at Sea Chapter III, Regulations 8 and 19 that require musters and emergency instructions for Cruise Lines, River Lines, Super Yachts, and Offshore Vessels. Beyond the required drill, MAS does provide needed extensive real-time reporting for the officers, bridge and safety drill staff as well as the availability of printed reports for both shore-side teams and passengers. Through this innovative (MCC) Mobile Command Center and configurable security roles, all the data can be viewed on any security tablet onboard allowing the proper staff access to real-time data anywhere including on a lifeboat.

Cruise Line I-Pad, I-Phone, Website Booking, SMS Mobile EcoSystem Design

Custom development solutions for all major mobile platforms along with quick response tech support. We provide the ability to schedule and send push notifications to your applications regardless of their platform. These notifications can be sent either through our web interface or via our API. Content Management: Manage your mobile website content from our mobile CMS. Create your mobile site from our templates or have one custom developed for you by our design team. The maintenance is a snap. Application Management: Mobile applications are becoming pervasive in the enterprise. Managing these applications and the devices that run them is becoming a critical task.

Mobile Media Entertainment on Demand (ITV / IPTV / HDTV / VOD / I-POD)

We specialize in innovative digital signage, WIFI communication services for hotels and cruise line market. IP and COAX, radio, pay-tv, local information services, shopping, gaming, private and business communication. Electronic program guide (EPG) for international TV and radio broadcasting via satellite. Integrated ITV and WIFI solutions for high-speed Internet access and voice over IP. In-cabin TV, I-Pod, radio server, VOD, AOD, In-room shopping, gaming, DVD player, marketing and new sales tool, interface (Property management system), in-cabin wine ordering, and in-cabin ship liberty selection and delivery.

Mobile Internet Cafe At Sea (CAS) Crew and WIFI Solution

Pocket PC, Mobile Devices, Wired, Wireless, Ethernet, Telephone, In-Cabin connectivity. Multiple languages support and shipboard marketing to sell specific products and services. Brand customized GUI application to support digital, video postcards, special email clients. Crew SMTP and VPN support for business users, Support for passenger, Easy ROI Reports. Flexible data-driven pricing by user type, passenger category, applications, Voyage pricing. Integrated security features and antivirus to prevent fraud and potential on-board loss of revenue.

Mobile Guest Issue Complaint and Document Liability Tracking (GICT)

A Web-based handheld wireless device tracking and AVO (Avoid Verbal Order) system which streamlines the communication between reporting of technical and passenger issues; as well as maintains all history of time opened or unresolved for passengers, work done and issue resolution. Issues are automatically escalated and logged if not completed within defined time period. Integrated Voice Response (IVR) used to update, close issues and, or create repetitive issues. Interface to PMS to capture passenger details, complaints, requests, compensation, maintenance. Issues and tickets are printed or emailed to employee, department, or vendors with parts needed.

GREEN Cabin Control Systems (CCS) for AC / TV / Lighting / HVAC

Savings up to fifty percent of cabin energy depending on vessel type, AC and electrical usage. Notification of non-functioning devices for support and proactive incident management. Power activation by room key-card or guest service check-in off vessel for room activation. Know when your guests are in the room or cabin for service to not disturb guest comfort. Why pay to air-condition or power the television in a cabin when the guest is off the vessel. At AOG we supervise vendor selection, pricing, on board implementation and technical support.

Beam Forming from Land RF Base Station to Ship (SDMA / OFDM) WIFI Solutions

Radical Radio Results showing results of 50 megabits per second (Mbps) Proof of concept test show transfers 1 GB of data in less than 2 minutes Bi-directional narrow beam-forming using phased-array proprietary antennas. Eight antennas in each base station antenna work together to focus on the ship. Interference rejection – Ability to work in licensed exempt frequency ranges. We suggest the operator can now offer 4G side-by-side with satellite services Let the passengers decide between satellite or a new 4G solution to use at the log-in. Platform of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), Frequency reuse using Spatial Division Multiple Access (SDMA), Shipboard antenna is one unit, the size of a laptop, very lightweight and can be installed quickly.

Mobile ASP Medical Outbreak Electronic System (MOES)

Built for the requirements of maritime medical teams and is compliant with CDC’s VSP and DQMQ manuals. Will produce voyage reports, crew and guest medical statistics, and manage staffing of medical departments. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System is the only one ever to have run successfully on cruise ships. The product is designed and produced by a medical crew with extensive shipboard and cruise line experience. Shipboard / Shore-side synchronize continuously to ensure all have the most up-to-date information. The EMR and Public Health Modules record and report both passenger and crew medical events and generate reports required by port authorities including specified gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses.

Precise shipboard indoor location APP for iPhone, iPad and Android

Easily locate new shipboard friends, family members and Crew on-board the vessel 24/7. No cost for Cruise Lines. Just need 1 hour to map the whole vessel with a location device. The cruise line will receive 50% revenue sharing – No set-up costs – Free local product support. Passengers download the APP before sailing for $10 for the whole journey or 24 months. Simple privacy controls / Temporary location sharing option / Guest Parental restrictions. Open API is currently being used in Shopping Malls, Casinos, Hospitals and Universities.

Equipment for public areas with HDTV / ITV / PMS Integration

At AOG we specialize in developing a customized total wellness solution for your hotel or ship. Our partners can custom design/manufacture equipment for the ridged maritime environment. We work closely with your new build team to exceed the expectations of workout experiences. We focus on ergonomic bio-mechanics together with AOG tailor-made training support solutions. We also recommend and offer previously-owned and completely refurbished fitness equipment. All equipment can be integrated into the existing branded television “look and feel” with touch buttons for channels, I-Pod connection, ship information, excursions and on board services. At AOG we supervise vendor selection, pricing, on-board implementation and technical support.

Hospitality Warehouse (HWM) Management Solution

Assists organizations with real-time inventory data access and government mandates including: Inventory Management, Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting, as well as Unit Load Tracking, Receiving, Bar Code Labeling, Put-away, Work Order Maintenance, Order Pooling Wave Pick Creation, Picking (LIFO/FIFO/FEFO), Lot Number Tracking, Packing Shipping, Replenishment, Dock Appointment Scheduling, Material Handling System Interfaces, Complete Audit Trail, Kitting, Industry Specific Functionality, Multiple Units of Measure Per Item, International Language Capabilities, Voice Integration, RFID Capabilities, Productivity Analysis, Employee Productivity Tracking, Zone Management and Expired Product Tracking.

Manufacturing, Maintenance and Repair Operating (MMR)

Inventory Real-time information provides a view of supply chain that enables better decision making to optimize purchasing, inventory management, and material replenishment. These parts are critical for the operation of specific equipment and items where spares are held for insurance. Spare parts are used for many different pieces of equipment; such as project materials, inventory purchased for a specific maintenance project and not routinely held in stock. As well as hardware including nuts, bolts, washers and consumable general supplies used while performing maintenance and repair functions. These tools and power tools are used while performing maintenance and repair functions and then returned to the storeroom.

Cruise Inventory Management (CIM)

System Developed for major cruise lines, the system was recently upgraded to the latest Microsoft Visual Studio Net and SQL. The system provides real-time tracking and validation of all inbound goods including purchase orders, landed goods, and transfers and all outbound goods via shipping container, express air freight, and transfers. Access to this data allows cruise lines to improve vendor relations and proactively resolve delivery issues/delays that may adversely affect voyages. Improve the ability to accurately track inventory throughout the entire supply chain. Reduce cycle times through automation. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Yard Management / Building and Shipyard Solution (YMS)

Yard Management is the ability to track a trailer’s and/or a container’s pertinent ownership, load, and current status data to see yard visibility as the next bottleneck to remove. Increase load flow and throughput. Better manage labor and asset utilization. Enhance yard security and accountability. Improve carrier scheduling and appointment processes. Increase inbound and outbound load visibility. Reduce detention and demurrage (carrying cost) charge.

Airline Security Systems (ASS)

Mobile real-time data collection expertise and experience to transport sensitive data securely; and successfully delivered improved security and efficiency for various clients in the Aviation industry. Turnkey solutions improve airport security and provided real-time passenger-to-baggage matching, and delivering critical data directly to the mobile worker in the field. Department of Homeland Security to the Transportation Safety Administration rules and regulations.

Structured Cabling Solution

Email us about full service structured cabling design for voice, data or video innovations. Data-LAN/WAN Network for data centers, call centers, ISP, and shipboard environments. Wi-Fi network installation we can survey and engineering report with recommendations. CCTV and Video Surveillance System Security. Whether IP-based or Coax based. IPTV Installations. No matter which IPTV provider you choose, we can work with that provider. Point of Sale Installations. Bar areas, gift shops, or other areas throughout the ship. No passenger disruption is the key in live install. Point of Sale (POS) Terminal Upgrades. Warehousing for Shipboard and Shore-side. Galley Display Installation and Cabling. Cell Phone System Cabling and Deployment. WiFi Cabling and access point deployment. Casino Slot Bank Cabling.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to Automate All Data / Score Card Reporting

300 KPIs and 600 PIs analytics covering 10 different performance indexes including: Environmental, Safety, Technical, Navigational, Security, Hotel, Vendor, Sales and HR. Increased transparency in ship Operational Performance with Real-Time Visibility enhances opportunities for effective decision making of performance issues and establishes a basis for consistency and Real-Time Trend of Operational Standards. Efficient use of resources for audit, inspections, and operational follow-up as well as enables bench marking and forecasting for all Planning and Performance Cycles and fosters collaboration throughout the Shore-side and Shipboard Organization. Then integrates with Existing Software Including: Amos-D, NAPA, Imos, NS-5, etc. Software as a Service (SaaS) Model with No New Software to Install and/or Maintain.