Our mission is to build new products, and innovative solutions that will truly transform people’s lives, and make a difference in the world.

Across Oceans Group (AOG) is the McKinsey, Boston CG, and Bain of the International Cruise Line Industry. AOG is the leading global management consultancy navigating the cruise industry for vendors, suppliers, and buyers. Conveniently located near Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, Carnival Corporation & Plc, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, Disney Cruise Line and trusted advisor to the world’s leading businesses, governments, and institutions.

AOG facilitates contracts between vendors and cruise lines, global marine, offshore, hospitality, aviation, and travel retail. We believe results are a product of analytical and collaborative thinking, and by partnering with our customers, we develop original and strategic solutions to minimize business disruptions while maximizing resources to advance company missions.  

AOG advises leaders on the jobs to be done, new sales growth, consumer products, passenger technology, total guest experience, product strategies, and operations across industries, geographies, and enterprises with the purpose to drive growth and profitability.



Well-coordinated teams use new thought processes to create an efficient global and local plan.
No matter the size or scope of the client, we use our advanced global point of view to get the most for you. If you are trying to reach every corner of the planet or just serve your home town, our personalized system will work great because it is specifically designed to meet your cultural, geographic, and demographic needs.

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Creating value and revenue for our partners and delivering a great user experience is very important to us; it is in our core DNA.

Our scale, scope, and knowledge allows us to address the job to be done and identify problems that no one else can see. Partnering with Across Oceans Group eliminates years from your sale’s cycle by helping establish close relationships with key decision makers within the industry at the right time. Whether your business is Air, Ocean, or Ground, AOG has the expertise and know-how to meet your needs.

AOG accelerates sales, support, and marketing process by allowing you to take advantage of our decades of industry expertise and relationships. AOG’s track record for helping to transform the world’s great companies into sharper, smarter, better versions of themselves is quite remarkable.


Interested in finding out how Across Oceans Group can help enhance your client experience, improve your operational efficiency, and generate more revenue?